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Electric Wood
Room 1015 Electric Wood
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Rebottled Electric Wood, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Room 1015
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Virginia Cedar Ambroxan Oak Nutmeg iris
Inspired by the wood, laquer and metal smell of a vintage Gibson guitar, Electric Wood is a woodsy, musky scent. Nutmeg, sage, oakwood, cedarwood, iris and musk mix for an electric effect
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Electric Wood by Room 1015 Reviews

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Very different....just like me! My husband loves this scent and that says a lot! I like that it has a sultry sexy smell that is not too strong and doesn't smell like every other perfume out there.
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Really different but pleasantly surprised. I sprayed this on my upper arm when it arrived, just to test it. After 20 minutes I kept getting wonderful whiffs of it and it smelled awesome. Woodsy but not too warm, be careful a little goes a long way. I over sprayed it the next day and I was overwhelmed with the smell. Great for mixing with fresher scents as well.
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Dont get this
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Great scent!
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wonderful woodsy scent that develops over time, love this pick.
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Unique scent but not my cup of tea.
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Electric Wood is a very natural wood scent with the added spark of spice and resin notes. The iris is very subtle but adds a smoothness to the overall mix. This is a great casual or night-out scent. It leans on the masculine side but could definitely be worn by anyone with a little attitude. Longevity and projection are average to excellent. This could easily be a signature scent. Very warm, classy, approachable, and good for a variety of occasions.
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Smells like cinnamon and lick I do not recommend !
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