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The Scentbird Guide to Powder Scents: Cozy Perfumes for Classic Romantics

Powder Perfumes


The Scentbird Guide to Powder Scents: Cozy Perfumes for Classic Romantics

If you want a scent that’s comforting, yet completely refined, you might experiment with perfumes or colognes with a powdery edge to them. Notes like iris, violet, lavender and orris root can wear with a clean, freshly-tailored or super-cozy feel on the skin.

Powdery perfumes are your go-to fragrance if old movies from the 30’s and 40’s appeal to you, or if you go for a more preppy, conservative look over a torn-up leather jacket and thrashed jeans.

Here are a few fragrances from our collection that feature powdery textures in one form or another. We recommend you have at least one powder scent on hand – they’re the comfort food of the scented world, and too versatile to keep out of your lineup.

Fragile Violet by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh

Eb FloralsvioletViolets are also a note in perfume with a very powdery, soft side. But the fun with violets is that they have a candied edge to them, like fine French pastilles. Eric Buterbaugh’s Fragile Violet begins with a cheery warmth from mandarin and mulberry blended with white tea. The tea’s tannic facet makes all the floral notes of wisteria and violet in the heart shine when they arrive. The powder found in this scent is tucked behind the stems and fronds of the florals, letting their bright green youth take center stage. But the powder allows this scent to leave the greenhouse at last, as if the scent were pastille-flavored pollen adhering to the lapel of the greenhouse keeper.

Omnia Crystalline EDP by Bvlgari

Omnia Crystalline Edp By BvlgariOmnia Crystalline starts out with a comfy pairing of charming mandarin and lotus that is as welcoming as it gets. If a perfume could be as relaxing to wear as your favorite morning robe, this would be it. The heliotrope and iris notes in the heart are as soft and gentle as freshly-washed and conditioned hair.

Sandalwood and musk in the base add another layer more of the light, sweet powder until the entire scented experience is like waking up in a fancy hotel where they don’t mind if you keep that enormous terrycloth bathrobe when you leave.

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez For Him By Narciso Rodriguez1Here’s one for the men. This is a classic fougere made from violets and patchouli that wears like a pressed and monogrammed shirt. With a touch of amber and musk in the drydown, this is a powdery perfume that is refined masculinity at its height.


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