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A tribute to beauty, power and strength: La Perla introduces La Mia Perla

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A tribute to beauty, power and strength: La Perla introduces La Mia Perla

La Mia Perla celebrates a woman’s potent sensuality, found and owned by her alone. A perfume for women, made by women.

All the top-tier individuals involved in La Mia Perla are strong, creative, professional women. The Creative Director is La Perla’s Julia Haart, Honorine Blanc is the Master Perfumer behind the scent, and Dutch supermodel Annika Krijt is the chosen face for the campaign.

La Mia Perla is a stylish and innovative scent. Julia and Honorine chose to abandon the typical perfume pyramid in favor of a circular note composition, to emphasize the pearl’s shape and symbol. In addition, La Mia Perla’s texture puts it in a class by itself, literally. It is the only known “solariental” perfume, emphasizing its rich smoothness and luminosity.

Honorine introduces the perfume this way:

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“La Mia Perla exists like a pearl—smooth and luminous. From its heart is a signature of narcotic white florals that form the texture of silk-like petals. They are held in an embrace of creamy warmth—a glistening glow that builds through wear. This expression of feminine elegance is achieved with some of the highest quality ingredients. They form a scent that is soft yet lasting.”  

Julia Haart celebrates the independence and strength when women create specifically for other women.

“La Perla is synonymous with Italian artisan craft, while bringing women’s innate femininity to the forefront. Everything we create is designed to ensure women feel as beautiful as they look, and the La Mia Perla scent is an extension of that promise. This is truly a scent for women created by women, to be worn for their own pleasure – rather than for anyone else’s.”

Scentbird is proud to offer this unique scent to our subscribers, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

La Mia Perla: It begins with a spicy mandarin note studded with spicy black pepper, which are layered into a sumptuous, creamy and full jasmine note in the heart. Bright white peony offers a hypnotic contrast to the sensuous intensity of the jasmine, and an plush orris note in the base continues its silky texture. Suede, sandalwood and musks smooth out the composition until it shines like satin.

La Mia Perla will be your next obsession if full-throttle white florals are your favorite. There is plenty of sensual power moving through this perfume, that is softly disguised by its silky feel on the skin.

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