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Marilyn’s Favorite Scent

Marilyn Monroe Perfume Quote

Marilyn’s Favorite Scent

Marilyn Monroe’s love and lust for certain perfume is well document, yet not much is said about her favorite scent.

With her notoriously sexy-sweet glamorous image and cat-like grace, the witty and well-read (and quite smart) blond is hardly the face one would associate with rose. But that’s the truth.

Marilyn loved the scent of rose and its miscellaneous interpretations through the visions of different perfumers.

The rose in Chanel 5 is sensually tempting, while her other two favorite perfumes ( Joy perfume by Jean Patou and Rose Geranium EDT by Floris) reveal the other, thorny, strong and determined character of rose. Just like our favorite blond herself.

What is your favorite rose interpretation?

And while you’re making up your mind on this one, here is another Marilynism, my favorite mantra

Marilyn Monroe Quote

Not quite convinced yet?
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