Music Inspired Perfume: Roses De Chloe by Chloe

Music Inspired Perfume Roses De Chloe By Chloe

Music Inspired Perfume: Roses De Chloe by Chloe

ImagesHave you ever noticed how often music terms are used when it comes to describing certain perfume?

Words like composition, notes, chords, harmony, accord, opening acts etc…

You think this is purely accidental? Believe me, it’s not!

Perfumes and endemic feelings!

Floral Girl.Perfumes have the propensity of arousing and awakening certain feelings in us that become endemic. What I mean is that when I put on certain perfume, the feeling this particular perfume awakens in me is endemic, special to me and me only.

And this happens with every perfume I try. There are perfumes that make me wanna giggle, make me feel all girly and pink and eat cotton candy. Then there are the perfumes that make me feel sexy, good girl gone bad.

Then there are the perfumes that bring back memories I thought I have locked inside my past and thrown the key to be eaten by the worm of forgetfulness.

Roses De Chloe by Chloe – Finest Harmony of Notes

2138361521_Dcda5280F4_ZMusic inspired perfume…

The way that Roses De Chloe by Chloe perfume works on my skin is like the finest harmony of music notes. In the first five seconds after application, I feel the top notes directing with the orchestra responsible for delivering the opening act.

Opening act

It’s bergamot, flying in the air like music symbols thrown in the air in some cartoon…

Main Olfactory Theme

Then comes the main olfactory theme, which like all musical themes last longer than the other two acts.

The scented music intensifies, and it is Chloe’s Damascena rose essence with a bit of revolutionary magnolia accord that take the main stage.

Their show is innovative exhibition, an outlet for the beauty that cannot be tamed anymore.

The final act

And before the crowd gets all cathartic and gets too much of a good thing, the show is closed with accords of white musk and amber, which often indulge the crowds’ pleads for bis!

A simple masterpiece, this perfume is!10330066024_A56C8665F3_Z

So, know that you have read all of this, do you still question my decision to include Roses De Chloe by Chloe on my shortlist of the best festival appropriate perfumes?

Yes or No?

If you do, please comment below! Oh, and please comment below if you don’t!

Would love a nod of approval/ disapproval from my readers!

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