love at first scent

Is love in the air this spring? Scientists have devoted decades to exploring the complex relationship between human scent and sexuality, now find out how pheromones can make this upcoming spring a bit sweeter.

Scent is responsible for triggering a host of emotional responses, everything from nostalgia to hunger with just one whiff. But romance? Here, we turn to the study of pheromones, the name given to chemicals secreted through our glands that can activate attraction.

In the 1960s, research revealed that exposure to the odor of a boar would elicit a “mating stance” in females. New York entomologist Joseph Lintner demonstrated the call – or scent – of the wild when 50 male moths swarmed a lone virgin female moth on his office window. Mice choose their genetic matches by scent, selecting a partner with opposite major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes. So how does this translate to humans?

With our wide-ranging biological and cultural diversity, human olfactory triggers can be tough to track down, meaning no two people leave the same odor. Your scent, like your fingerprint, is unique to you. However, prevalent themes are emerging. In a 2013 study, male participants were asked to wear a t-shirt for two days straight without bathing or using fragrance, then females rated the shirts on their overall pleasantness. The females overwhelmingly preferred males whose MHC gene were different to their own.

Research study reveals that scent seduces men 14 times faster than sensual lingerie or revealing dress!

Fragrance companies have been searching for the magic smell behind sexual attraction as long as there have been wrists for spritzing. Tom Ford, Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs are behind some of the most sexually infused scents on the market, but choosing the fragrance to best complement your pheromones can be a challenge.

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The most frequently pursued approach is spending hours at the perfumery, testing fragrances and developing sensory overload. Overwhelmed by the choice and the literal headache, we often buy the perfume bottle on a whim, but after spending some time with it, we come to the conclusion that the fragrance simply does not suit us.

And that is the whole problem with searching for the perfect scent.

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