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Guilty Black Pour Homme by Gucci: Classy Masculine Fragrance

Guilty Black Pour Homme By Gucci Scentbird


Guilty Black Pour Homme by Gucci: Classy Masculine Fragrance

Classy masculine fragrance: The fragrance staple every man needs. But with seemingly endless olfactive options each season, it’s hard not to amass a collection of “fresh colognes” in a rainbow of colors and notes, or more than 10 similar colognes, each promising to be groundbreaking, yet falling short right from its opening. 

Guilty Black Pour Homme by Gucci  bypasses all this drama. Instead, it delivers. This fragrance supports for luxury, self-confident, classy yet informal style. 

No, it is not an avant-garde cologne, nor it aims for that category. It is green, aromatic and herbaceous scent where the subtle floral and not so subtle spiciness is perfectly illuminated by the green notes.

The result is very greenish, fresh and juicy crisp, highly optimistic and dandy materialization of classy, manly cologne. And it can be yours for just 14.95 dollars a month!

There is one thing you will definitely get from this fragrance, and that is compliments. This standard green cologne is simply everything you need from a fragrance. Unless you want to smell distinctive and unique…

Most men want a cologne that evokes manliness, with the mandatory citrus and woody notes that echo the scent of a father figure. Guilty Black Pour Homme by Gucci checks all the marks, but with an added twist of modernity.

It’s also a cologne that mingles perfectly with both suits and sneakers. You can take it for a casual spin, or even choose it to accompany you on a high-rolling event.

It’s no brainer: Every time you need green and fresh scent, just go with Guilty Black Pour Homme.

Guilty Black Pour Homme by Gucci Fragrance for men NOTES

Top notes: Coriander, Lavender

Middle notes: Orange flower, Neroli

Base notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood

The most prominent notes are green notes, coriander, and lavender; sillage is more than moderate, longevity is also outstanding.

Guilty Black Pour Homme by Gucci on Scentbird

Green and peaceful, it’s such a manly sexy scent. It’s much spicier than the original Guilty line, but nevertheless equally sexy and understated in a way.

Try it for month with Scentbird, but be ready for reaping a lot of compliments, especially from the opposite sex!

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