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Finding Your Perfect Match, With A Fragrance: Tinder Rules For Dating Perfumes

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Finding Your Perfect Match, With A Fragrance: Tinder Rules For Dating Perfumes

With at least 1000 new fragrances coming out this year added to the breathtaking number of 50,000 that are currently on the world market, you’d think that finding your fragrant match would be an easy breezy thing. However….

Did you know that sometimes having too much choices can be just as bad as having no choice at all? Two words: stimulation overload!

The most basic of all questions

In those times, you should apply the universal rule of fragrance shopping: Ask yourself this one question: Who are you buying the perfume for?

The perfume you choose must perfectly reflect the essence of the person who wears it, a.k.a. YOU! I’ve seen far too many people going fragrance shopping with one rule only: the fragrance must smell amazing and charm everyone who come into contact with them.

Fragrance, just like love, is a personal thing. Would you marry someone just because he/she is amazing and charms everyone, but you cannot stand being with this person?

Now that we have established the one and only rule you should follow when buying a perfume for yourself, let’s move on to the next big question: How do I find the right perfume for myself?

The right perfume or perfumes?

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be tricky. But also it will be so much fun. You mustn’t limit yourself to only one category, because fragrances are complex, just like people. The trick lies in experimenting and being open-minded.

Do not, and I repeat, do not buy a perfume until you have taken it for a proper, seven day test drive. One day apply the perfume in the morning and see how it evolves throughout the day. The next day apply it at the evening, even if you do not plan on going out. And every time you wear it, think about how the perfume makes you feel.

The feeling I am always aiming for is more confident. You, on the other hand may aim for something else like more feminine, elegant etc. Still, if the perfume makes you uncomfortable, then probably it is time that you part ways. But not before the seven days have passed, because this is the ideal time to really get to know the perfume.

And do not discard a perfume until you have taken it for a walk, especially in the sun. Some perfume contain hidden messages that can only be conveyed to you in the sun. This is of course due to the fact that the warmth of the skin the scent evaporates more quickly and you can sense the blend of all notes at once, a sensation you cannot get in colder weather.

Signature scents and favorite books/movies/songs

You surely have a favorite book/movie/song. Does this mean that you should never read another book, or see another movie or even hear another song and dance on it?

No, of course not! So why limit yourself to one perfume only? Perfumes, just like other joys of the heart are meant for enjoyment.

And with the help of subscription services like Scentbird, you will never again regret buying a perfume.

Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service that sends you a 30-day supply of a designer/niche fragrance of your choice for $14.95/month.

So, finding a true fragrant match and matches has just got a lot easier with!

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