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Top Spring 2016 Fragrance Trends

Top Spring 2016 Fragrant Trends

Top Spring 2016 Fragrance Trends

The top fragrant story for this spring is mischievous, lively and relaxed, a clear mark of change of winds and season.

The spring scent trends are unexpected and subtly sexy, with gourmand notes needed for added sweetness into the greenish freshness. Sorbet accords are expected to bring vibrant energy and break the “groundbreaking” rule in perfumery: florals are for spring!

The Unsung Hero of Spring Perfumes: Cacao Pod

The rich and deep, slightly bittersweet scent of cocoa, the faithful aphrodisiac of both God and men is actually the unsung hero of spring perfumes.

Although this statement may come as a complete shock to the floral lovers, gourmand notes perform extremely well in spring. The sun is simply begging to kiss your skin, and your fragrance shows off by increasing its projection under the sun.

Unlike chocolate, which can be little cloying because of its overt sweetness, cacao pod in the form of modern accord adds a soft, sensuous and spicy note and creamy, almost nutty complexity to every fragrance.  The ideal scented pairing for fresh, fruity accents.

My fragrant picks for March 2016: Oriental Lace by Oscar de la Renta and Omnia Paraiba by Bvlgari.

Oriental Lace by Oscar de la Renta is warm and smooth, sweet and gentle scent destined to pamper and soothe. It is a great mix between cozy gourmand and spicy exotic, with just the right amount of floral.

Oriental Lace By Oscar De La Renta Scentbird

Omnia Paraiba by Bvlgari is all about zingy, succulent and zesty citrus notes intended to refresh and revive the deep and rich heart of spicy cacao pod. Delivering a strong, bitter orange note, its refreshing character is positively enhanced by a passionate fruity piquancy.

Omnia Paraiba By Bvlgari Scentbird

Heralds of Summer: Sorbet Accords

Sorbet accords in spring perfumes deliver a refreshing sensation of chilled fruits and sugary accents, necessary for converting the sweetness into a cooling energy in all fragrant compositions.

They are in charge  for the mischievous, lively and relaxed vibe that your perfume and your personality should emit in air this spring.

Vibrant and bold, sorbet sweet characteristics with accents of iced berries and gentle florals will create your March signature scent with a twist.

My fragrant picks for March 2016: Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet by Marc Jacobs and Ocean Lounge by Escada

Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet by Marc Jacobs is fresh and sweet concoction, just a bit sassier version of the ultimate spring perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs.  The sweetened apple blossom gives depth and sweetness to composition, while lotus blossoms in floral accords to create a delicate yet distinctive note.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet By Marc Jacobs Scentbird

Ocean Lounge by Escada is the olfactive story of youth-led, girly pop culture influencing a sugary sweet, fruity one fragrance direction. Fruity aromatic, notes blend with gourmand notes and creamy, almost edible vanilla to evoke a natural simplicity of chillin’ by the ocean.

Ocean Lounge By Escada Scentbird


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