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Declaration L’Eau by Cartier: Monday Blues Breaker

Declaration Leau By Cartier


Declaration L’Eau by Cartier: Monday Blues Breaker

Declaration L'eau By Cartier

Light, fresh, clean and very Cartier, Declaration L’Eau combines casual citrusy understatement with healthy dose of spicy warmth and an unexpected, mesmerizing depth, courtesy of the masculine cedar notes.

It’s a declaration of scented imagination in which the blend of notes is perfectly balanced, giving way to the formation of new olfactory identity.

Yes, I can sense the sharp, fresh, almosted iced citrusy opening and pick the notes one by one, as if they are pearls. I pick out the grapefruit, the spicy, exotic pink pepper and the unmistakable aroma of wood: cedar. But the combination of the fragrant trio is totally unexpected: a new scent in which the instruments cannot perform the tune alone. The harmony is solely achieved through unity.

Cartier’s unisex fragrant creation exudes an aura of unhurried pace. The scented trinity of notes are not in a hurry to just make an appearance. Their intention is to charm you and create a lasting impression, which they do.

Reading from the notes you will come to the conclusion that this is a fragrance that takes pride in its simplicity, but you cannot be more wrong: it is sophisticated and linear scent that still creates waves.

The best part about this androgynous scent is its versatility. Depending on the skin chemistry, some perfume aficionados swear in the overtly citrusy domination, while others, me included think it is the perfect balance between cool, fresh, sharp, sour, woodsy and spicy.

Declaration L'eau By Cartier ScentbirdDeclaration L’Eau by Cartier FRAGRANCE FOR WOMEN and men NOTES

Top notes: Grapefruit

Middle notes: Pink Pepper

Base notes: Cedar

The most prominent notes are grapefruit, cedar and pink pepper; the scent’s overall projection and longevity is strong and heavy, while the sillage is moderate.

Declaration L’Eau by Cartier ON SCENTBIRD

Declaration L’Eau is an aromatic creation where all the notes make an alliance signed in the form of a beautiful accord. The final result? An amazing, cool, fresh olfactory genderless and timeless creation which simply begs for warm weather.

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