La Perla J'aime les Fleurs by La Perla
I’m picturing fluffy cotton clouds and ocean blue skies. Daydreaming of spring blooms and butterflies.
Shutting my eyes tightly I can almost see it…Spring
In my hand I hold a cold drink with sour lemon, sweet watermelon and tart pineapple to quench my thirst on this warm spring day. My perspiring drink slipping in hand, I walk through bright green grass, cool beneath my bare feet.
As I make it to the shade of an apple tree, in the near distance I see a beautiful garden. Roses are budding along side of a beautiful koi pond where water lilies float along the banks. I make my way there and I doze off into light slumber breathing in the fresh smells that surround me. I wake feeling a bit chilly.
It’s time to head home now, the the sun is setting and the remnants of fall, wet wood and cool breezes are still fragrant as night closes in. With a chill in the air, my need for something warm and sweet is satisfied with a light sweater and a warm vanilla latte.
As I sit in the window my eyes follow the path I took to that secret garden today. I will visit again tomorrow. I can almost smell it now…
La Perla J’aime les Fleurs  is beautiful in every facet. Fresh, flowery and warm.
I will say on me it stays quite fresh and the dry down on my skin is more of the jasmine and sandalwood. On a friend, I smelled the freesia and patchouli. As with any fragrance it depends on your skin chemistry and honestly your sense of smell.
Either way, both options smelled lovely. I hope you enjoy your early visit to spring as well when you try this captivating fragrance.
Happy Daydreaming!
Top Notes
Lemon, Mandarin, Apple blossom, Watermelon, Pineapple
Heart Notes
Cyclamen, Rose, Jasmine, Water lily, Ylang ylang, Freesia
Base notes
Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin, Tonka bean