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Essence of Masculine Charisma: Legend EDT by Mont Blanc

Legend Edt By Mont Blanc1

Essence of Masculine Charisma: Legend EDT by Mont Blanc

Legend Edt By Mont Blanc

Like an open invitation to a secret club, wearing this cologne echoes the feeling of being “the special one”.

Its final projection stops you dead in your tacks, just so you can swoon at its perfection.

As a woman, I feel no shame saying this: it’s a scent that make my knees wobble with excitement.

Although the current market of masculine fragrances is overflowed by spicy themed scents, Mont Blanc’s Legend EDT is the undisputed leader of the pack, shaming most of the other scented wannabes.

A hearty, spicy oriental cologne, the present-day equivalent reflecting the powerhouse scents of the 1980’s (CK’s Obsession, Giorgio’s Red), making a comeback in all the right ways.

Maybe not the best choice for extremely hot weather, its sleekness will cut through the thickness brought on by colder weather like warm knife into a butter, and stand out with sophistication and class.

In times when men are obsessing with heavily marketed colognes, this low key fragrance will win you over with its killer projection and mastery of creation.

When you invite the Legend scented genie, expect to be greeted by a burst of lavender and pineapple, which subsides after 20 min, to a transient oak moss and apple middle, and a roaring sweet tonka bean and sandalwood finish, when all your wishes come true.

In case you want to increase the longevity of this keeper, I suggest you apply unscented moisturizer on the application places first, since I have discovered that this cologne performs even better on oilier base.

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