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New Year, Good Old Perfume: Si EDT by Giorgio Armani

Si Edt By Giorgio Armani

New Year, Good Old Perfume: Si EDT by Giorgio Armani

Si Edt By Giorgio Armani

You cannot kill a breeze, a wind, a fragrance; you cannot kill a dream or an ambition.

Michel Onfray

It is undisputed truth that the most successful fragrances are always followed by an array of flankers, olfactory pop diptych of the original perfume, striving to find their place in the fragrant sky.

When done right, these fragrant siblings must be seen as multiple-piece art, enjoyed as a whole.

Luckily for us, Giorgio Armani continued to develop the masterpiece known as Si, and after we were presented with the editions Sì Intense and Sì White, along came Si Eau de Toilette.

This EDT is a lovely and more romantic interpretation of the original, Mr Darcy reciting Yeats in a Parisian dusk.

It’s lighter, head-on floral and freshness collison. It is not as strong in its approach and has an overall more delicate aesthetic in its final projection.

Si EDT’s sweet, comforting, quiet personality opens with a breathtaking juicy influx of black currant, green pear, Italian bergamot, mandarin and neroli oil, a juicy delight that creates seamless transition into a delicate floral heart of freesia and May rose.

In the base, warm and sensual musk, amber wood, vanilla and patchouli drydown envelops the wearer completely, providing a soft, sensual embrace that lasts for hours.

The difference between Si EDP and EDT is not only one letter, it is the freesia and Osmanthus that contribute to the lighter ethereal feel; a flanker with its own olfactive identity.

Personally, I cannot get enough of this creamy juicy sweet confection!

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