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Soft Fragrant Seduction: Cartier De Lune by Cartier

Cartier De Lune

Soft Fragrant Seduction: Cartier De Lune by Cartier

Once in a blue moon, perfume aficionados are acquainted with an unpretentious, soft-whispering fragrance that etches on their skin and mind like a tattoo.

For such unflashy perfume, Cartier De Lune has an extraordinary ability to cling to your wrists and clothes for hours, filling the close personal air with dreamy, romantic floral and musk mixture.

Cartier De Lune is one of those austere, clean and discreet office scents that suit perfectly the women who ambitiously climb the corporate ladder.

It does not come with a strong personality, and its main purpose is aura beautifying, since wearing De Lune is like an injection of invisible confidence.

Ultra funky mix of pink pepper and juniper berries sways in a juicy rhythm, while a delicate floral fountain of honeysuckle, rose, lily-of-the-valley and cyclamen flows nearby. The woody and musky finish is anchoring the composition into a soft, sensual and ethereally gorgeous little perfume.

This particular Cartier’s fragrance is not talking to me, but it whispers from time to time, in encrypted notes.

The one way conversation is not provoked by a wind or warmth, it is the perfume’s whim.

As a series of fortunate olfactory events, I catch waves of wood, rose, pepper and musk appearing in a linear ripple.

If you are a person who likes their perfumes strong and loud, you should probably pass this one. But it would be a shame, since this “muted” fragrance is an actual beauty veiled by softness.

So feminine, fragile, like a lunar reflection on a bedroom window.

Cartier De Lune by Cartier  fragrance for women notes

Top notes

pink pepper, juniper berries;

Middle notes

honeysuckle, rose, lily-of-the-valley, cyclamen;

Base notes

woodsy notes, musk.

The most prominent notes are lily of the valley, musk and rose, while its projection, longevity and sillage are moderate.

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