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Golden Delicious DKNY by DKNY: Sleek Urban Fragrance

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Golden Delicious DKNY by DKNY: Sleek Urban Fragrance

Golden Delicious Dkny Perfume Scentbird

Golden Delicious DKNY is a perfume that perfectly summarizes the universal language of the Donna Karan fashion and fragrance style.

There is always an undeniable pull exerted from Karan’s style, strong, modern, urban sleek, which speaks to street-style modishness, peppered with luxury, now transferred in a golden apple-like flacon.

If upon smelling this whimsically feminine combination of sinfully enticing red apple, lily of the valley and African orange flower, your mind instantly races to the classy, upbeat fashionista, know you are on the right track.

The fragrance sets on a mission to explore the juicy and animalic facets of red apple, in all of its splendor, forsaking the “juvenile connection” of fruity notes and high-end fragrances.

The beauty that ensues from this intriguing, sensual and graceful combination of red apple, white floral with woody twists is a composition that offers layers of different sensations.

From the very opening, a harmonious accentuated blend of fresh, juicy ‘Golden delices’ apple, intoxicating, redolent orange blossom and Mirabelle plum identifies Golden Delicious DKNY as tough and soft, coquette and sophisticate, stark and luxe.

Rich, opulent white rose bouquet pervades the heart notes, melding the heterogeneous notes of Casablanca lilies, lily of the valley and vanilla orchid into one harmonious whole.

This sets the warm, woody base that all DKNY fragrances want to play with. Golden Delicious is no different with its notes of musk developed from strong woody mix of sandalwood and teakwood.

At its core, this DKNY fragrant beauty is an extremely successful attempt to demystify people’s assumptions of luxury: luxuriousness is not measured by the actual worth of the item, but by the feeling it provokes.

Golden Delicious DKNY by Donna Karan fragrance for women notes

Top notes: Orange flower water, Mirabelle plum, Golden delicious apple;

Middle notes: White rose, Casablanca lily;

Base notes: Vanilla orchid, Muguet, Musk, Sandalwood, Teakwood.

The most prominent notes are red apple, lily of the valley and African orange flower, while its projection, longevity and sillage are moderate.

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