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Fancy Colognes for Fancy Events and Fancy Men

Fancy Colognes


Fancy Colognes for Fancy Events and Fancy Men

Believe it or not, holiday season will be here before we know it.  We’ve rounded up three next-level colognes you need to know for all your top-notch events. Wherever you go, turn up the charm for fall and winter.

Cuirs by Carner Barcelona

Cuirs By Carner BarcelonaFor the days you decide to put the effort in, Cuirs by Carner Barcelona is an obvious choice for a cologne that’s really going places.

Cuirs is a soft leathery perfume that evokes the scent of antique artisanal leather ateliers. It translates the combination of magic and craftsmanship into a scented liquid reminiscent of pure luxury.

It starts off spicy and exotic, with saffron and cumin filling up your head with their smoldering aroma. Sandalwood, guiaic wood, and patchouli then follow all hyped up and spiced up by the initial exotic vibes. The violet note softens the overall woodiness of this masculine powerhouse. Oud is discernible as a base note, pulling through a rich leathery scent at the heart of the fragrance.

Bleu Noir for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Bleu Noir For Him By Narciso RodriguezForget playing it safe this season – up the charm with Bleu Noir for Him by Narciso Rodriguez.

Bleu Noir eschews traditional thoughts around what makes a manly fragrance by introducing highly aromatic nutmeg and intense and spicy cardamom. The transition into the musky heart is sleek, effortlessly sensuous. The warm, dark woody base of amber, blue cedar and black ebony seduce the senses with lustful aroma.

Black Bold by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Black BoldSmell mighty fine from head-to-toe in Kenneth Cole’s Black Bold.

A fragrant tribute to the City That Never Sleeps and its versatile, fearless spirit, Black Bold is polished, complex, intense and a profoundly masculine scent.

A statement scent in any collection, Black Bold opens with a spicy herbaceous mix of water mint, mandarin orange, basil, ginger, and cedar.

Push the concrete-jungle to the max with a decadent leathery wood base, incense, nutmeg, lotus, suede and violet leaf leaping off the skin as a hard-to-ignore testament of style.


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