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Etat Libre d’Orange, Now on Scentbird

Etat Libre Dorange On Scentbird1

Etat Libre d’Orange, Now on Scentbird

Etat Libre D'orange At Scentbird

Is this amazing or is this amazing news?

In the Free State of Oranges ( Etat Libre d’Orange) it is your constitutional right to fully enjoy an olfactory liberty. With the motto: Le Parfum Est Mort, Vive Le Parfum, the fairly young French fragrance house challenges you to test your fragrant boundaries.

The state’s founding father is Etienne de Swardt, and you are granted an automatic citizenship the moment you step into his land of wonderfully weird olfactory combos and fall for them instantaneously.

De Swardt decided to launch the company in 2006, as an antidote to the poisonous tendencies of the mainstream industry.

As a lover of the underground subculture, his main intention was to break the fragrant taboos and the gender- oriented scents, hoping his Free State would become the ground zero for new waves in perfumery.

Although de Swardt is a perfumer, his main role in the State’s affairs is strictly managerial, and he serves as an editor of the perfumes, overseeing the perfume creation process.  The company empolys veteran perfumers on the creation of the scents, and some of the most prominent names tied together with ELDO are Antoine Maisondieu, Christine Nagel, Antoine Lie, Mathilde Bijaoui, Shyamala Maisondieu, Violaine Collas, Nathalie Feisthauer, Ralf Schwieger, Cecile Matton and Quentin Bisch.

Etat Libre d’Orange isn’t afraid to experiment and push the envelope, so the entire line is shockingly artistic and unexpected.

What other Fragrance House would mix the scents of innocent Jasmine absolute and sinful tobacco, or rum and rose and live to tell?

In all honesty, the perfumes coming from Etat Libre d’Orange line are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, those who recognize the mastery behind their creation are usually lost for words, other than “masterpiece”.

Etat Libre d’Orange at Scentbird

Fragrance House Etat Libre d`Orange currently has 2 perfumes in Scentbird’s fragrance base: Fat Electrician  and Noel Au Balcon.

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