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Eau de Rich and Famous – Rihanna Escada Moon Sparkle


Eau de Rich and Famous – Rihanna Escada Moon Sparkle

Rihanna Favorite Perfume
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She was born to provoke those that simply go with the flow! She wants to raise questions, and these are some rather serious questions.

Rihanna labels herself as a good girl gone bad, yet you cannot help but ask yourself, was she ever a good girl?

She always had that rebellious attitude. Even when she sold T-shirts with her father on the streets of Barbados, and even more so as a teenager.

Throughout all her life, Rihanna has been in a stratosphere of her own. She speaks what is on her mind, ignoring the consequences, for those happen in the future.

Rihanna favorite perfume is Escada Moon Sparkle!

At first, this seemed like an enigma. It is so fruity, sweet, and girly. How could classic bad girl love such a sweet scent…?

Perhaps because Rhianna will always be a Barbados girl, embracing the sweet island scent of Escada Moon Sparkle.

Just like all of Escada’s perfumes, Moon Sparkle is also summer sun perfume, but its sweetness is so sophisticated and sexy.Escada Moon Sparkle Rihanna Favorite Perfume

The homesick cure perfume

The perfume is fun, without being too overbearing. Even though it’s fruity, it still has an edge. There’s as much bad girl in it as good girl.

Moon sparkle is one to wear at a party, with a generous cocktail shower and upbeat music! The sky is purple lit with stars, the wind is warm and moist, and most importantly, the hearts are eager for romance!

Easygoing, upbeat, romantic

And this has got to be the reason why Rhianna loves the perfume so much. It is easygoing and carefree, just like she is! There is the tropic island vibe, the citruses are crushed in fizzy juice, red fruit ice creams and the smell of SPF lotions.

Unfortunately, Moon Sparkle is discontinued, so go with Magnetism by Escada. It is equally sweet, sexy, sophisticated date night perfume, only this one has this roughness about it, the same one we seen in Rhianna!

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