Eau de Rich & Famous

Eau de Rich and Famous – Taylor Swift Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf


Eau de Rich and Famous – Taylor Swift Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf

Taylor Swift Favorite Perfume
Image courtesy of Prayitno on Flickr

Taylor Swift is a dictionary term for a girl who achieved massive success all on her own!

She has written all of the songs she has released, and because anyone can play guitar and piano, she can play ukulele and banjo. Just because she can!

Not to mention she first learned how to play 12-string guitar before moving onto a six-string guitar, because this is what Taylor does: taking the road less travelled!

Oh, and this is so cooool: she loves Pablo Neruda poetry, which is my favorite poet also. It turns out, Swift and I are so Neruds!

One of us, gals!

But hey, she is just a human after all! I read that she keeps dreaming the same nightmare over and over again: she dreams about being arrested for a crime she did not commit. It happens to the best of us, Taylor!

While I am not a fan of her music, I have an enormous respect for her hard working ethic to achieve her dreams and not resorting to miserable antics to get attention (I have never seen her having a “wardrobe malfunction”, flashing herself or trying to taunt the world with pictures of her enjoying illegal substances).

Music bomb, sweet bomb, sexy bomb, flowerbomb!

Aaaaaand, when she is not wearing perfumes with her name on it, Taylor Swift favorite perfume is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf.

Yes, even celebrities with their own perfume lines tend to get tired of wearing the same scent every day, and her breaking the pattern perfume is this amazing Viktor&Rolf perfume.

Why Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf and Taylor Swift are so perfect together?

Mix and match and match and mix perfume notes with music notes

Because this perfume is such a sweet, sexy, sensual bomb and Taylor is a bomb all by herself.

The perfume is sweet, fruity, floral, soft, powdery. Like a sponge cake with a hint of vanilla, the vanilla note gives the perfume its marshmallowy, chocolate cake like roundness and roughness.

The opening notes of the perfume are loud, just like any live event Taylor hosts, but as soon as the music fills the air, the audience silences and so does the perfume.Taylor Swift Favorite Perfume Flowerbomb

When the perfume takes the center stage, it grips you, enchants you, but in most cases, you are the only one sensing its magic.

Like a rhyme stuck on your mind, it comes up when you least expect it: then it comforts you, knowing that your confidence never leaves you.

It’s an intimate perfume, like a sexy little secret only known to people who come close enough to share it!

I love the fact that this perfume settles down quite nicely on every piece of clothing it put it on. No matter the fabric, the garment just eats the perfume, and it takes days, even weeks to digest it.

Which means, put a bit of it on your coat or even bag, and its lovely scent will follow you everywhere you go for weeks.

Just like Taylor’s songs, you won’t be able to shake it off (not that you will be wanting to, anyway).

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