A perfume choice for the weekend


A perfume choice for the weekend

Weekend Perfume

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Weekend, relaxation, and fun!

Forget all about the past work week. There will be no paperwork, sheets, bosses, deadlines or stress. You can sleep in , have an amazing brunch, read a lovely book, drink your coffee slowly, and finally see your friends.

Weekend appropriate perfumes?

Start your weekend with Giorgio Armani Si perfume! It is a ravishing combination of vanilla and floral notes.

It is the ultimate compliment magnet, so expect that many people will ask you for the name of this heavenly scent.

It is fresh, elegant, comforting, it’s like drinking coffee on the porch or in the garden in the spring, enjoying the sun while sitting in the sand.

It may as well be called Endless Weekend. Once the flowers fade away, there is a  creamy, warm, vanilla oriental dry down.

Just what you need to overcome the fear of Mondays!

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