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Commodity Platinum: Release the Story from the Bottle

Commodity Platinum Collection Logo

Commodity Platinum: Release the Story from the Bottle

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Commodity believes fragrance is an extension of ourselves. It is what you wear when you want to express your story…

Each Commodity fragrance uses nature’s finest ingredients from around the world. Renowned master perfumers created these simplistic yet luxurious scents.

The Platinum Collection follows in the same Commodity spirit; elegant, yet intriguing… subtle, yet evocative.

Assert your uniqueness with confidence, use the Commodity Platinum Collection fragrances as a creative outlet. Explore all of the fragrances in the collection through Scentbird:

Comm 100Ml Vetiver 1

COMMODITY VETIVER: Fresh and woody, vetiver settles on your skin with a creamy sigh. Luxurious and indulgent, Vetiver is a present you keep for yourself.

Comm 100Ml Leather 1

COMMODITY LEATHER: Intoxicating with a rebellious edge, Leather by Commodity is as seductive and ubiquitously stylish as your favorite fashion piece: a distressed leather jacket.

Comm 100Ml Orris 1

COMMODITY ORRIS: Sensual yet fresh, Commodity Orris lingers in the air and intoxicates every moment. Paired with exquisite spices like pink pepper, coriander, and carrot seed, the elegance of orris root leaves a memorable sophisticated trail.

Comm 100Ml Bergamot 1

COMMODITY BERGAMOT: Sparkling and exciting, Bergamot is a refreshing burst of energy that features sustainable ingredients of Indonesian patchouli oil and Haitian vetiver oil.

Comm 100Ml Tonka 1

COMMODITY TONKA: Mesmerizing and addictive, Tonka’s floral woody traits surprises with sensual gourmand notes, exotic wood notes, almond oil, lotus and a tonka bean so flavorful you can almost taste it.

Behind Every Bottle is a Story, What’s yours?

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Like a one of a kind scented signature, Commodity fragrances are as individual as you are.
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