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Nateeva Fragrances: Olfactive Escapes to Paradise


Nateeva Fragrances: Olfactive Escapes to Paradise

Apart from souvenirs, the only thing we can take home from any travel is memories. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can take home an entire exotic island? The turquoise waters, sweet balmy breeze, intoxicating smells, tantalizing flavors and fiery sunsets…

Yes, with a few magic sprays from Nateeva fragrances, this is indeed possible.

“Nateeva is a collection of fragrance products designed to let your senses take you on an exotic journey to places you’ve visited—or have wished to travel to. When you dream of these destinations, euphoric and fragrant, the feeling of contentment that envelops you can be enthralling,” says Hope Freeman, co-founder of Nateeva.

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Envisioned as an olfactive homage to the native flowers of breathtakingly beautiful locations, these three Nateeva fragrances – Bahamas, Saint Martin and Jamaica – will magically transport you to those calming, vivid, beautiful places in your memory.

Bahamas Eaudeparfum

Nateeva Bahamas: Inspired by the exoticism of the radiant Elder Flower, Nateeva Bahamas unearths the soul of each petal, draping around your skin with a silk like touch. The complimentary notes of Neroli Absolute, Essence of Orange Flower, Linden Blossoms, White Woods and Skin Musk add to the authentic feel of a true exotic escape.

Saint Martin Eaudeparfum

Nateeva Saint Martin: Luscious, luxurious and velvety smooth scented petals of Hibiscus flowers are immortalized in this exotic treat by Nateeva. The initial burst of Hibiscus flower slowly gives way to the notes of Essence of Orange Flower, Mimosa Absolute, Jasmin Mist, Amber Droplets and Sheer Musk.

Jamaica Eaudeparfum

Nateeva Jamaica: Evoking the splendor of the enchanting Lignum Vitae Flower, the sensuous and addictive fragrance of Nateeva Jamaica is sure to please the senses. Accompanied by Juicy Mandarin, Plumeria Blossoms, Vanilla Crystals, Sheer Vetiver and White Musk, Nateeva Jamaica will ignite the wanderlust spark in you.



Fasten your seatbelts, as Nateeva fragrances will take you on an instant ride to paradise. Just one whiff, that is all it takes.
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