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Best Spicy Scents Of The Season


Best Spicy Scents Of The Season

Whether sensuous, refreshing blends are your thing, or you’re more into warm, soothing numbers, we think you’ll find a scent right here that ticks all the boxes for the holiday season ahead.

KENNETH COLE Mankind Hero 


The perfect fragrance for jump-starting the day or ending it on a high note, Mankind Hero is the cologne for super-driven men from all walks of life. Created to reflect the need for simplified elegance, the aromatic lavender, plum wood and vanilla blend will rock everyone’s world.

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El By Arquiste

Too many spicy fragrances get all up in your face with an overpowering mixture of piquant aromas competing among themselves. But this is everything a spicy, musky, and animalic fan would want their scent to be: A transportative blend of Moroccan rosemary and Egyptian geranium, cleverly paired with cinnamon leaves, oakmoss, vetiver, and castoreum. 

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The boldest of the three colognes in this edit, this oriental spicy concoction is a little smoky and warm thanks to amber and a whole lot of dry spices, like cumin, saffron, and incense… If you’re not into spice-forward scents, don’t worry: The licorice note creates a woody, slightly mentholated edge to balance it out. 

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