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Rebottled Fate Man, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Amouage
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Cumin Incense Immortelle Saffron Licorice
AMOUAGE Fate for Men is also very intense and spicy. The tart woody composition is brisk from the first notes. Top notes start with saffron, wormwood, ginger, cumin and mandarin, which announce a strong heart full of roses, olibanum, lavender, immortelle, labdanum and copahu balm. The base closes with a deep and warm blend of tonka, labdanum, cedar, sandalwood, musk and licorice.
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Fate Man by Amouage Reviews

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Quality juice...Little much on the cumin though.
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I simply Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Fresh and long lasting. Good alluring scent.
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Very strong and over powering even with just a tiny bit sprayed
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Interesting undertones...some have said it smells like maple?
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This scent smells like straight alcohol. Very bad.
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