Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us Here At Scentbird🍂

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us Here At Scentbird🍂

To our Scentbird family:

Thanks for being awesome! We are especially grateful for each and every member in our ever growing community – and especially those of you who have been with us since the beginning!

We appreciate your efforts in helping us to create better services, one product at a time. It’s certainly been a year of challenges, changes but also a year of growth and development – with the launch of some of the biggest and best-selling scents from your fave designer and niche perfumery brands.

We are so excited for you to check out everything we’re rolling out in the next few months (no spoilers – yet!).We wish you a lovely Thanksgiving and a delicious holiday season!

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  1. Avatar Of Judy Byars

    Judy Byars

    Do you have men's fragrance?

  • Avatar Of Judy Byars

    Judy Byars

    I love this service!!!!

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Hi Judy, yes we do, please find the entire men collection here: https://www.scentbird.com/men

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