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The Coolest Scent Trends In 2021


The Coolest Scent Trends In 2021

As the last month of this challenging year wraps up soon, it’s time to reflect on the wave of new trends in fragrance coming our way this winter. So, open up your queues and prepare your wish lists as we start rolling out the future top trends and key fragrances to take a note of during the holiday season and well beyond.

Trend Alert: Glam

The One Dg

Dolce&Gabbana The One has all the ingredients for making a major statement; with the sheer peach juice providing a drama Shakespeare would be proud of. An amber and jasmine mix adds a softening edge, while vanilla and musk elements up the glam factor.

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Trend Alert: Bohemian

Anna Sui Fantasia

Anna Sui’s Fantasia is an excellent way to tap into the self-indulgent fantasy-inducing scent trend. Fantasia is a little bit boho, and a whole lot of magic thanks to its unique mix of spicy pink pepper drizzled over raspberry praline, then packed in a Himalayan cedarwood gift box kind of vibe. 

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Trend Alert: Resort

Costarela By Carner Barcelona

After months and months and months of staying landlocked, we’re all about scents that transport us to places we’ve made memories in or yet to discover. That’s where Costarela comes to the rescue. And we think our Scentbird reviewer, Jeremiah A has experienced this scent in a way its creator originally envisioned: 

“Picture this, you’re in Barcelona, on the beach, staring at the ocean, but it’s spicy, real spicy, your eyes are watering but it’s beautiful! This is a great scent, it takes you far, it’s very vibrate, every layer of its composition takes you somewhere new, from spicy opening, to a subtle sweetness, to the sandy woodiness it eventually rests on.”

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