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April Perfume of the Month: NEST Fragrances Black Tulip

Nest Fragrances Black Tulip


April Perfume of the Month: NEST Fragrances Black Tulip

No other style in perfumery evokes such delirious mystery as a well-made chypre fragrance. The blend of soft florals and deeply aromatic spices, like oakmoss or patchouli awaken the senses on multiple levels. Chypre fragrances captivate us with their combination of utter sophistication and deep, powerful emotion.

And so Scentbird is very excited about the new chypre release, Black Tulip, from Laura Slatkin and NEST fragrances – a line already synonymous with cultured floral elegance.

Blacktulip Bottle

Black Tulip boldly asserts its mystery right from the start with brightly-spiced pink pepper set against juicy, warm plums. The dark fruit embellished with the spark of dry pepper immediately focuses your attention and draws you deep into the heart, where soft violets enfold rich Indonesian jasmine.

The complexity of bright, soft florals and spices bookend bursting dark fruit and buttery jasmine. A gauzy, swirling base of deeply-etched, herbal patchouli elevates Black Tulip onto another level entirely. This is a perfume for daydreams saturated with the richest colors your imagination can conjure.


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