ST. PATRICK’S DAY Green Colognes

St.patricks Day Green Colognes

ST. PATRICK’S DAY Green Colognes

Enjoying the local parade or grabbing a beer at the pub, leave the badges and tees at home and celebrate in style with these superb green scent edits.

APSU by Ulrich Lang New York

Apsu By Ulrich Lang New YorkAPSU is the ultimate if you’re after a fresh, juicy green scent that’s got the slightest spicy bite of pink pepper and coriander at the core. Powerful and distinct fragrance, green leaves notes enable the scent to retain the freshness and temper the floralcy of the violet leaf.

Picture a violet hedgerow in the Irish Highland after a heavy rain pour. It’s the scent of APSU, bottled.

Carven Perfumes Carven Vetiver@2XCarven Vetiver by Carven Parfums

Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums is a joy to wear to any day any time, but on St.Paddy is simply perfect.

It is a light and minty-fresh take on usually mossy vetiver, that will keep you alert and refreshed as you wait for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to start.

Adding lavender and geranium notes for a kick of interest, the scent is approachable, but stays crisp and cool in tight spaces.

Bijou Vert By Raw Spirit FragrancesBijou Vert by Raw Spirit Fragrances

Now this is your go to fragrance if you do not want to smell like everyone else.

Aromatic and earthy, Bijou Vert contains vetiver, grapefruit and geranium. The theme is woody, while mandarin orange and benzoin lift the overall mood. This striking number offers a memorable aroma that isn’t overbearing yet provides freshness, perfect for bar hopping.


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