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New to Scentbird: Robert Graham

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New to Scentbird: Robert Graham

Robert Graham fragrances are a collection of blended essences that are exceptionally crafted and distinctive for the collector. These unique essences are the product of singular blending and aging process that yield a flight of rich and expressive scents.

Classic masculine imagery inspires each one of Robert Graham’s fragrances: fast sports cars, and a daring, devil-may-care attitude towards life.  Ram’s heads with glittering eyes, interlocking gears, and the leather from a sport scar’s steering wheel adorn the caps on the bottles. These are colognes that guys like like Connor McGreggor and Jason Momoa would wear.

Scentbird now carries two of Robert Graham’s colognes:  Courage and Fortitude. They are excellent bookend scents, one for day and one for evening, with very different profiles, but both have a virile edge that evokes pure classic masculinity.

Rg Courage Blendedessences 250MlCourage: Our April Cologne of the Month

Skimming the curves of Monaco and cliffs of the Pacific Coast. This blended essence is for men of speed who have a passion for risk taking and a penchant for style. A smooth top note of classic vodka citron merges with fresh bergamot and is finished with a subtle smoky guaiac wood to instantly evoke a thrill-seeking drive along the ocean cliffs.


Rg Fortitude Blendedessences 250Ml


The art of magnetism and sensuality for those with a strong spirited and adventurous swagger, Fortitude evokes a daring sense of self and true grit. Deep, rich and almost mystical born of alchemy and the exotic. An overly sensual top note of tobacco absolute with secondary notes of patchouli and tonka bean are melded to perfection for this distinctive blend.




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