Happy National Fragrance Day

Happy National Fragrance Day

Happy National Fragrance Day

It might just be our favorite day of the year…

From spicy and racy to fruity and fresh, this is our shortlist of some of the most thrilling scents we’ll be wearing in honor of National Fragrance Day.

Happy National Fragrance DayUlrich Lang New York Apsu

Like slipping beneath freshly laundered sheets, Apsu confers that uplifting yet comforting feels of a lazy Sunday morning.
Unlike others in the green category, Apsu’s formula is potent and bold: yes, sure it is undeniably fresh thanks to a concoction of green and violet leaves, it’s not too dewy. That’s because a shot of white musk and pepper add warmth and sensuality to the composition, making it utterly intoxicating.

Happy National Fragrance DayEnglish Laundry Oxford Bleu pour Femme

Vanilla-led fragrances tend to be accompanied by sweet dry down, but luckily for us, this is not the case with English Laundry.
Pineapple, citrus and amber notes dress up the delectable caramelized sugar accord, adding a powdery sweetness. Fruity and alluring, it is totally appropriate for all your lunch date this week.

Happy National Fragrance DayKenneth Cole Black for Him

An effervescent scent with a rich, spicy blend of notes, Black for Him is what you reach for when you need a fragrance that’s easy to wear, unfussy and long-lasting.
Kenneth Cole’s scent contains a spectrum of notes: orange, ginger, nutmeg, amber, musk and suede, creating an enticing aromatic mix that breathes differently on each person’s skin.
Sophisticated but raw, balsamic and yet citrusy, Black for Him is that kind of fragrance that strikes the perfect balance, even when the weather does not.

Happy National Fragrance DayNorell Blushing

Imagine the sensation of rose petals falling over head like confetti, while jasmine releases its fresh aroma into the breeze … That’s Blushing. Some gorgeous fantasy fragrance that bursts to life with one spray. A sophisticated alliance of rose, white florals and birch notes, Blushing also features woody accords soften with vanilla. A take-me-anywhere perfume, we defy you not to like, or fall head over heels with this one.

Happy Fragrance Day everyone! How will you be celebrating?
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