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Atelier Bloem: Inspired by Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarkt

Atelier Bloem Reworked Nieuw Amsterdam Visual


Atelier Bloem: Inspired by Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarkt

It’s one thing to enjoy a lovely floral bouquet from time to time, and another to live in a city where literally thousands of them are freshly available in an enormous floating market. Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarkt (flower market) is world-renowned for its endless displays of bright blooms – and Atelier Bloem Nieuw Amsterdam and Extraordinary Tulip dazzle with its full, floral brilliance.

Founded by industry veterans Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin, Atelier Bloem is a new line of bespoke unisex eau de parfums that combine the freshness of floral notes with a sophistication and polish suitable for anyone to wear well. Each scent features stunning regional floral accents, which are creatively distilled into fragrances inspired by tradition and infused with a hyper-contemporary elegance.

Nieuw Amsterdam By Atelier BloemNieuw Amsterdam

Nieuw Amsterdam stays cool and sophisticated with spicy geranium rose and ginger notes. A touch of green florals infuses the heart with refreshing nuances along with a exotic base of spicy oud, musk, and amber.

Extraordinary Tulip By Atelier BloemExtraordinary Tulip

Extraordinary Tulip’s crisp ivy, sweet freesia and bright bergamot fade into sheer Atlas tulips, and a watercolor wash of violet and jasmine in this effortlessly mysterious fragrance. Blonde woods and black amber complete the fairy tale.


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