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A Note to Know: Yuzu

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A Note to Know: Yuzu

Summer is heating up, and we’re reaching for all scents, packing citrusy and fresh top notes to cool us down. Cue: Yuzu, the Japanese citron that brightens your fave fragrances.  A citrus fruit of East Asian-origin, the Yuzu fruit is the size of a tangerine, yellow colored when ripe, and has a distinct tart flavor (it’s a cross between tangy grapefruit and sweet mandarin). The aroma is zingy, juicy and sublime – and perfect for summer.

Check out our top yuzu skincare essentials and scents to last your through the season.

Yuzu Ginger Gentle Exfoliating WashYuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Our refreshing body wash gently exfoliates and subtly scents your skin.. At first whiff, it smells a little like fresh-squeezed orange juice, but then you get a hit of that ginger and the aroma grows. Turn up the shower, and the steam diffuse its aroma. A genderless fave, this fragrant gel wash is an excellent product for daily use.

Yuzu Ginger By ScentbirdYuzu & Ginger Hand Cream

With 4.5 out 5 stars,  this hand cream has earned Scentbird’s fan-favorite status thanks to its crisp aroma and light-as-air consistency . Made with ginger root extract, soothing aloe leaf and nourishing oils, the formula absorbs as quickly as water in a desert, leaving nothing but beautifully quenched skin, laced with enlivening yuzu and ginger aroma.

Bright CrystalBright Crystal by Versace

Combining Donatella Versace’s favorite florals and fresh accords, Bright Crystal is a refreshing and sensual fragrance. Chilled yuzu and pomegranate are mixed with lush peony, magnolia,and lotus flower. This one also scores an impressive 4.5 stars in our fragrance community.

Eau De CartierEau de Cartier by Cartier

This elegant little number is an ode to simplicity, Eau de Cartier combines misty freshness with a shot of ripe yuzu. Bold bergamot accentuates the floral accord in the middle, while amber, patchouli and cedar lend warmth to the composition.

Interested in other yuzu fragrances? Take a peek at our Instagram @Scentbird for more fresh faves!


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