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5 Colognes You Need in Your March Queue


5 Colognes You Need in Your March Queue

With a new season fully underway, you must be on the lookout for some interesting colognes to update your seasonal wardrobe. Here are a few cologne ideas we think you should consider adding to your queue right now:


Danse Sauvage

Like a captivating performer on a stage, this boozy Chris Collins number swirls around you on a cloud of vanilla oud. Serving a double-dose of age-perfected cognac, sinful plum, and black pepper, Chris Collins shakes the ingredients along with some masculine vigor to create a breath-taking rendition worthy of Josephine Baker’s Danse Sauvage performance. 

Wild. Assertive. Absolutely perfect. 

Add it to your queue, here:

BURBERRY Burberry for Men EDT

Burberry For Men

A cologne that calls to all that’s sophisticated and charmingly British, and distills it into a crowd-pleasing, sense-arresting fragrance. Juxtaposing zesty ripe peaches, lime, and crushed mint notes against a warm jasmine and sandalwood combo, the cologne is amplified by a sense of raw, unapologetic attraction. 

Add it to your queue, here:

TUMI Awaken


Awaken appeals to your inner wanderlust, with a medley of notes gathered from all of the different corners of the earth: Italian bergamot, clary sage, patchouli and cedarwood. This is a fresh woody cologne that encapsulates the desire to escape the rut, the thrills of adventure, and restlessness with just one spritz.

Add it to your queue, here:

VINCE CAMUTO Vince Camuto Original for Men

Vince Camuto Original

Vince Camuto’s Original is a Greatest Hits package of every fantastic men’s cologne note, all polished to a sophisticated and laid-back shine. Top notes of bright bergamot, mandarin, and the hot snap of black pepper are balanced with nutmeg, lavender, and soft leather in the heart. Patchouli, vetiver, and musk anchor the base.

Add it to your queue, here:


Colonia Club

Bright and utterly stylish, Colonia Club by Acqua di Parma portrays a delicate balance between the crispness of the finest Italian citruses and aromatic mint. A medley of lavender, vetiver, and musk lends a touch of warmth in this truly refreshing fragrance that never, never disappoints.

Add it to your queue, here:

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