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Winter Solstice: 4 Scents To Brighten The Darkest Day of the Year


Winter Solstice: 4 Scents To Brighten The Darkest Day of the Year

On the day that marks the longest night of the year, we bring you the scents that make you feel like you’re basking in the warmth of a late summer sunshine. 

Look no further than these four scents to illuminate the darkness and welcome the arrival of longer, sunnier days in the new year ahead of us. 


Sunny Side Up Perfume

Like the darkest night of the year, the exotic tang in this blend lasts and lasts well into the witching hours. Right from the start, the vanilla note lights up the concoction like breaking of light in the dark. Sandalwood, coconut, and orris root are milky and caressing, evoking the gentlest, sweetest touch. And in the end, there’s nothing but softness conveyed by an amalgamate of Iso E Super and ambrette (musk mallow). We’re yet to discover a perfume that adapts to one’s chemistry and heightens their natural allure better than this Romano Ricci’s masterpiece. 

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Osmanthus By Acqua Di Parma

A part of Acqua di Parma’s celebrated Signatures of the Sun collection, Osmanthus is the only antidote to gunmetal skies. When osmanthus flower teams up with citrus, the result is fresh, invigorating, and mind-blowing floral scent.

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SKYLAR Sun Shower

Sun Shower By Sklyar

Woody, zesty, and blissfully uplifting, Sun Shower is a fragrant play of dynamic notes like citrus, ginger, and meadow greens placed against the warmest cedarwood and guaiac wood. Playful let serene, it evokes that deeply satisfying feeling of sun peaking through the clouds, lighting the showers and producing wish-upon rainbows. 

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Known and loved for its versatility and warm, come-hither appeal, Solare should be every citrus -meets-spice fragrance staple. If you have never tried Solare, you have never experienced upbeat mandarin in all of its glory.

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