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Hot new drops, literally: Michel Germain5 min read

12/18/2020 3 min read

Hot new drops, literally: Michel Germain5 min read

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For over 25 years, the award-winning perfumer Michel Germain has been concocting fragrances using nothing but the finest natural oils. These fragrances create luxurious olfactive stories that are as captivating as they are sensual. Originally envisioned as love letters to his wife, his alluring collection continues to reign supreme.

We are proud that these five Michel Germain fragrances are now part of our olfactive portfolio: 

Sexual Noir

The scent opens big and bold, with bright strawberry, lime and mandarin orange commanding attention at first mist. As it warms to your skin, sweet and spicy patchouli notes start to emerge, but fair warning — this isn’t the hippy patchouli oil that gets a bad rap. Michel Germain’s take on the note is elevated and elegant, complemented by orchid, sweet pea and jasmine. Rich, almost exotic notes like vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and amber bring the scent home, rounding it out and tying all the elements together with a proverbial and literal noir bow.

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Sexual Paris 

Sexual Paris is a sultry rendition of Sinatra’s Strangers in The Night, a tale of star-crossed lovers meeting under the lights of Eiffel Tower. Like desire, clementine is ripe, lush and heavy, while jasmine blossoms peak from the vines, reaching out to be caressed. Patchouli and amber go hand in hand, cushioned by sandalwood, the perfect prelude to giving in to temptations, no bars hold. 

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All your childhood fantasies encapsulated in a jar of sugar, Sugarful is a mouthwatering sensual and sweet fragrance, your ultimate rose-colored glasses if you will. 

An uplifting perfume, effervescent and bubbly as a tall flute of pink champagne, it seduces with notes of cotton candy, pink peony, and wild strawberry. 

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Sexual Noir Pour Homme 

Sexual Noir opens with juicy top notes of bergamot and grapefruit, but this lightness is soon cut through with the spiciness of the coriander note and the warming scents of lavender and orange blossom.

Finally, the deep base notes of tobacco intertwines with tonka bean and moss– to give a textual warmth. Together, these three base notes both complement and contrast against each other, allowing the dualities of the scent to unfold.

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Sexual Paris Pour Homme 

Combining fresh accords of grapefruit and spices with heady patchouli and cedar, Sexual Paris Pour Homme is an oriental aromatic fragrance that delights the senses thanks to its hero note: Bubbly champagne. Masterfully layered, the cologne celebrates the world’s most luxurious beverage, dipping in various unexpected medley of notes, resulting in a highly addictive blend that’s simply irresistible. 

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