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Perfume of the Day: Wicked Style Baby by Harajuku Lovers2 min read

10/20/2014 < 1 min read

Perfume of the Day: Wicked Style Baby by Harajuku Lovers2 min read

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Wicked Style Baby Harajuku Lovers Perfume Review

She is a lover of neon colors. She is a lover of this city. She is the ultimate nemesis of her pantyhose. She loves the wicked beats that bleed on the streets. She loves when she lays on bed with the one that steals her heart and then forget the world, while hoping that the world will forget about them in return. She wears purple in the snow, she wears cherry perfume in a blizzard and never braves the weather, because she expects that the weather should be frighten by her power. She has a wicked style and breaks all the fashion rules. She votes for constitutional amendments banning fashion copycats and counts the value of the day by the amount of times she catches a glance of her style on a window and likes what she sees. She is special, and she knows it.

This is how Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby Perfume will make you feel: Exceptional, Stylish, Unique

Notes: white peach, apple, freesia, frangipani, orchids, jasmine, amber, musk, vanilla and creamy sandalwood.

Style: Wickedly stylish vanilla obsessed perfume perfect for the women who want to feel unique!

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