Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: Absolutely Me by Escada


Perfume of the Day: Absolutely Me by Escada

Escada Absolutely Me Perfume Review

This is her guidelines on happiness:

A dab of perfume behind her ears and on her hair ends;

A plentiful of gratitude;

A piñata filled with laughter;

A pocket filled with stars;

A heart operating on hilarity;

A soul enlighten by millions of Christmas lights;

A secret whispered to the wishing well;

And a dash of understanding.

She understands the mechanisms of love while knowing that her heart comes without an instruction manual. So she pushes all the buttons on it, trying to see which one will produce the most amazing projections… Yes, meddling with the buttons may create an explosion, but how else will she know that she put her heart to a good use…She teases the world, exclaiming: This is Absolutely Me!

This is how Escada’s Absolutely Me perfume will make you feel: Charming, Giggly, Happy!

Notes: raspberry, fruit accords, pink rose macaroon, vanilla fragrance

Style: Elegant perfume perfect for women who like to reminisce about the childhood days spent in the kitchen, the smell of cake, hope, chocolate and happiness in the making…


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