oscar de la renta oriental lace

She is elegant, sophisticated, sassy. She is a lady, a woman who invented classical stylish superiority. She proudly wears the fine lines on her face, knowing that these are marks of the places where smile used to linger. She is experienced, erudite and someone who you gladly invite in your life. She is a life lesson teacher, and knows that there are no failed tests in life. Yes, she is a woman who bravely spins the wheel of the fortune, hoping that the prize she gets is the prize she needs at that moment. She is the only woman who has discovered a cure for emotional anemia: a hug…yes, she is a woman celebrated by men…yes, she is a woman…

This is how Oscar De La Renta’s Oriental Lace Perfume will make you feel: Sophisticated, Elegant, Intriguing!

Notes:  hoya carnosa flower, honey, bitter almond, dark cacao and patchouli!

Style: Daring oriental fragrance for women who love unique warm one of a kind perfumes