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Perfume of the Day: White Woods by Clean2 min read

10/22/2014 < 1 min read

Perfume of the Day: White Woods by Clean2 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minuteClean White Woods Perfume Review

She loves autumn’s acoustics. It is the time of the year called cuddling weather when the sounds of the nature are toned down by his breathing. Some love counting sheep, some love counting money, but what she loves is count her blessings and the stars in the distance. She loves how the nature perfectly colors gold, brown and honey together. She looks forward to the smell of roasted chestnuts and cocoas in the morning. She looks forward to the sweetest of dreams, knowing that someone misses her even in his dreams…and the best thing, there will be clouds ahead, but she will remember to focus her gaze on the silver lining!

This is how Clean’s White Woods Perfume will make you feel: Flattering, Expensive, Comfortable

Notes: Bergamot Leaves, Mandarin, Black Pepper, Calla Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Magnolia, Sandalwood, Praline Musk, Amber Woods.

Style: Mildly sweet and seductive fragrance perfect for the women who love unique yet subtle perfume appropriate for the office..

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