Chocolat Mat by Masaki Matsushima

She is a reader. She reads the words left by the rain on the fallen leaves. She reads the words left on her neck by her lover. She reads the words left on the refrigerator by her dreamy roommate. She reads the words on her soul, left there by someone unknown. She loves the enigma, the mystery of these symbols that are yet to be discovered. But what she loves the most is reading the words in her book, left there by the author. The comfort, the courage and the mystery or every new unuttered journey. And a big piece of chocolate. Her favorite things on this planet.

This is how  Masaki Matsushima’s Chocolat Mat Perfume will make you feel: Mysterious, Irresistible, Seductive!

Notes: black currant, grapefruit, watermelon, rose, dark chocolate, cacao, sandalwood, coconut and musk.

Style: Snuggling blanket like irresistible  fragrance perfect for the women who know that chocolate, not diamond is the new BFF!