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What Are “Niche” Perfumes, and Why Are They So Cool?



What Are “Niche” Perfumes, and Why Are They So Cool?

Let’s face it – it can be a little distracting to find your next favorite fragrance. The names of the different styles are pretty confusing – mainstream, indie, cult, niche, micro-indie, artisanal – how can anyone know which is which and what to try next?

Niche lines are smaller in scale and volume than the major department store brands and have the freedom to offer more daring or unusual ideas in scent than what big stores like Sephora, Macy’s, etc. have available. The personal artistry of the perfumer can come through more transparently, and often the style profiles are instantly identifiable as belonging to that brand. carries a huge selection of niche scents, and we love to share the love by recommending a few of our favorites to get you as excited as we are about the niche scene:

The Architects Club Eau De ParfumArquiste: Arquiste fragrances are similar to sumptuously detailed fine art oil portraits. They feature exotic, one-of-a-kind notes in lush, powerful blends. And the inspirations behind the releases are exotic, cross-cultural, and worth reading for their evocative and historic imagery.

Arquiste’s The Architects Club is inspired by the renovation of Claridge’s hotel in London, and the flamboyant art deco style of architecture and design. It conjures up a delicious friction between the old and the new, youth and age, seriousness and abandon. This woody amber fragrance evokes a gin martini and a vanilla smoking pipe, featuring main notes of juniper oil, angelica root, guaiac and pepper wood, and vanilla absolute. If you’re craving a truly refined gourmand scent with a ton of Roaring 20’s spirit, The Architects Club will sweep you off your feet.

1899Histoires de Parfums: Histoires de Parfums translates as “Perfume Stories” in French, and their fragrances all are inspired by famous individuals, or iconic periods in history. The Histoires de Parfums style is equal parts high French perfumery and daring modern touches. The beauty in this line is how they transform established genres in perfume into magnificent new discoveries – especially for floral or spicy fragrance fans. There’s a well-read, bohemian elegance in this line that is always worth looking for.

Histoires de Parfums – 18991899 honors the dazzling nightlife of Paris, the City of Lights. Sensual vanilla and deep vetiver sway in a midnight embrace, accented with plush cinnamon spice and sharp black pepper.

Jubilation Xiv AmouageAmouage: Amouage fragrances might be the pinnacle of unapologetic artistry and extreme luxury in niche perfumes. Their offerings are intricate, complex, and very potent – one spray is all you will ever need for an all-day fragrance experience. Amouage is also a line not for the faint of heart – the sillage and longevity are designed for only the finest looks from your wardrobe. This is a line everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Amouage – Jubilation XXV: Jubilation XXV celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the line and contains not less than 25 separate notes. If you are an Oriental perfume aficionado, it gets no better than this. Layer upon layer of spices, herbs, decadent ripe fruit, and sweet gourmand flourishes. It’s possible that you could sample this perfume 25 separate times and never reach the end of its surprises.


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