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Wednesday Chic of the Week: Maritime For Him by Tommy Bahama3 min read

04/26/2017 2 min read

Wednesday Chic of the Week: Maritime For Him by Tommy Bahama3 min read

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Aquatic, breezy and fresh, Maritime For Him by Tommy Bahama captures the exhilarating scent of sailing, wind, salt air and ocean.

Imagine early morning, ruffled sea and deserted beaches tucked away on secluded islands… Pristine blue sky and sea, the smell of bergamot and pine trees, the sleepy sunrays and cries lonely seagulls. The small stones under your feet are perfect, tickling your skin, not pinching your toes like gravel or annoying like beach sand. The smell of the Mediterranean and the taste of salt, cruising your senses into overdrive… You say goodbye to these sights and enjoy the adrenaline of sailing, watching the waves crushing against the boat, gaining momentum, racing with the wind.

The scent of sea and salt turns everyone in poets, but Maritime is not about sea and salt and certainly not to wax-poetic.

A fleeting note of bergamot hits your nostrils right in the opening, and then scents of sun-dried lavender, peppercorn and clary sage take over the composition.

The second wave of florals is unexpected, like a sudden change of wind that catches you off guard, and you enjoy the adrenaline. Water lily dominates the composition and drifts throughout the transition of notes. Blending the scents of ocean, earth and sky becomes the responsibility of moss note, clinging on sea rocks.

The power of the sea is represented through drift woods of sandalwood and cedar, anchoring the effortless and relaxing scent of musk.

These soft woods prevent Maritime Tommy Bahama cologne from being too fresh or floral. Instead of a relaxing walk on the beach, imagine roaring sea and wind that carries scents from the faraway islands while you enjoy the freedom of sailing, looking forward the helm and the adventure ahead.

Maritime Tommy Bahama

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