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Eight and Bob – Nuit de Megève: A Haunting, and Unforgettable Fragrance4 min read

04/27/2017 3 min read
Nuit de Megeve
Steve Johnson


Eight and Bob – Nuit de Megève: A Haunting, and Unforgettable Fragrance4 min read

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Nuit de Megève (A Night in Megeves) is an olfactory love letter to ski chalet parties, refreshing cold mountain air and chance meetings with gorgeous, green-eyed girls.

Back in the 1930’s, perfumer Albert Fouquet lived a lavish existence, complete with ski trips to Switzerland and an on-call tailor who would travel with him and fashion bespoke sportswear on the spot.  Skiing was the new “It” sport for the wealthy and well-heeled, and soon M. Fouquet was being invited to opulent après-ski parties all over the ultra-exclusive resort town of Megeves.

One such evening he met a mysterious woman named Annicke, who entranced him to such a degree that when Albert Fouquet returned to Paris he immediately created the perfume Nuit de Megeves to capture her spirit and the night they met.

Nuit de Megève has a very European feel to it at the start – a very subtle layer of grapefruit and petitgrain, dusted with dry cloves imparts a brisk crisp edge to the scent, similar to the bracing chill of fresh mountain air at high altitude.

The heart is where the romance begins – you empathize immediately with Albert Fouquet’s longing for his mystery woman– there’s a wistful fondness infusing the entire fragrance, as if he was still pining for her as he created the perfume.

An orris note makes Nuit de Megève wear like a skin scent – there’s a little powder present, but the heart of this scent wants you to picture the nape of a woman’s neck instead of an antique cosmetics compact. The coffee accord is a reminder of how late you’ll stay up just to keep talking to a woman who knows she has your complete and undivided attention.

By contrast, the drydown is very muted and reserved, with pale traces of vetiver and tobacco rounding out the fragrance.  You can visualize Albert Fouquet going for a walk in a meadow with a pack of Dunhill cigarettes to get his mind off this woman, but what he wants is just to return to the evening they first met and have it all happen again. The base of this scent is a quick portrait of a man lost in reverie over a woman he knows he’ll never see again.

Nuit de Megève is a perfume expertly tailored with a delicious, vulnerable ache that tells a story of love found and lost in a single night, and it is to be worn by both men and women.

But gentlemen, take note: this is a perfume your heart will recognize before anyone else will.  And that a woman you may meet soon will know immediately that Nuit de Megève is a scent that says she owns yours completely from now on.
Nuit de Megeve


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