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Valentine’s Day 2020 Fragrance Guide


Valentine’s Day 2020 Fragrance Guide

Looking to really set the mood this Valentine’s Day? Follow these three steps, and you’re all set. 

Step1: Apply one of the fragrances below on every strategic point on your body.

Step 2: Pair it up with your favorite accessory.

Step 3: Wait for the compliments to roll in.

Vince Camuto Amore by Vince Camuto

Amore Vince Camuto By Vince Camuto

Notes of passion fruit, bergamot, frozen clementines seduce your senses, offering a jolt of passion, while the notes of freesia, orchid, lotus and wild lily of the valley safeguard the surging wave of femininity. Sensual crystal amber, musk and sandalwood seal the deal with the creamy, velvety texture that begs for more.

Amore Vince Camuto for a real story of amore.
To add Vince Camuto Amore to your queue, click on the link below:


Indigo by Nest Fragrances

Indigo Nest

Infused with ripe fig, tea leaves, Kashmir woods and a dash of cardamom, Indigo is a dusky, mysterious scent that lingers on the wearer. Add this to your date night rotation for best results.

To add Indigo to your queue, click on the link below:

Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo

Incanto Bloom By Salvatore Ferragamo

This floral fragrance is boosted with creamy complexity, formed by a hit of freesia and grapefruit as top notes and smooth white musk and cashmere wood in the dry down. 

Accompanied by notes of rose tea and champaka, Incanto Bloom is the best contender for your casual yet sexy spray!

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Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

Cashmere Mist By Donna Karan

Soft and sensual, Cashmere Mist is the perfect date night pick. Cashmere woods blended with suede are reworked with musk and vanilla in this perfume that will never go out of style.

  To add Cashmere Mist to your queue, click on the link below:


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