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Tuesday Scent Mood: Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

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Tuesday Scent Mood: Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

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An explosion of violets on a canvas of black orchid, rum, magnolia and hyacinth, Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is plush, intensive and spot on mysterious scent.

We all know Tom Ford’s fragrant juices are meticulous works of art, and Velvet Orchid perfectly fits the description.

It is a bold and strong fragrance for the ones who want to be noticed, a very deep and sensual scent, spicy sweet based on a pillow of mellow floral notes.

It opens with soft, subtle sweet floral-honey cocktail swirled with rum.

At the beginning, you may be inclined into thinking that this is a girly girl perfume, the one who reaches for pink lipstick and unicorn themed bedding.

But no, the rich, velvet, sultry base of vanilla, suede and sandalwood creates a firework on your skin, transforming the sweet floral petals into warm, full on explosion of splendor.

If you want to smell expensive, Velvet Orchid will most definitely fulfill your wish.

I know that this perfume has received mix reviews, which usually stand at the opposite sides of the spectrum.

I am a true fan, and I cannot understand it being labeled as a bad Black Orchid flanker.

If I am being completely honest and in a fragrant blasphemy mood, I would say Velvet Orchid is better than Black Orchid.

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