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Monday Scent Mood: Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina

Pink Sugar Sensual Aqualina

Monday Scent Mood: Pink Sugar Sensual by Aquolina

Pink Sugar Sensual Aqualina

Cold Monday mornings require something strong and empowering, an incentive that will get you out of bed and let you believe it is indeed a wonderful life out there.

Instead of Monday blues, today I have Monday Scent Muse, which happens to be Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Sensual.

If you have not been acquainted with this sweet baby, there is a great chance you have been introduced with its bigger sister, Pink Sugar, which according to certain statistics, has been the most popular gourmand perfume from 2003 to 2008.

Any perfume that can move Angel to position number 2 has to be tested by me, and while on paper this perfume had everything to please the gourmand perfume lover that is me, I found that it too synthetic for my taste.

So, I approached the Sensual flanker with a great doubt. Had I known how amazing it smelled, I would have run to it like it was the Holy Grail.

Forget all about the overtly sweet scent that was Pink Sugar. The Sensual version balances the sweetness with a heavy dose of fresh, zesty tangerine that lingers all through the dry down.

With a very tasty touch of sweet vanilla spiced by smoked sandalwood and all rounded up by dry jasmine blossom and orange leaves, this makes the perfect fireplace snuggle perfume.

When you’re in the mood to smell edible or ultra girly and youthful, this is the perfume to reach for.

Zesty sweet, creamy, wonderful perfume that simply makes you crave for more.

PS: A recent study by the Australian consumers association suggest that men have an affinity towards gourmand perfumes on women, they simply find them irresistible.

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