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Thursday Scent Mood: 12 Lacha by ODIN2 min read

11/05/2015 2 min read

Thursday Scent Mood: 12 Lacha by ODIN2 min read

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Although many scents promise exotic fragrant escapism, only few of them live up the hype. 12 Lacha by the NYC-based brand Odin crafts its newest unisex fragrance in a space travelling dimension, delivering the contrasting colored vibe of India with a selection of oriental spices and floral notes.

The perfume borrows the name from the traditional Lacha saffron spice, distinguished for its three long and flat dark red threads of Mongra with a yellowish red tail, which is found in the Saffron flower.

However, from the texture and the character of the scent, maybe the true inspiration was the long flared typical Indian skirt, which is worn with a matching blouse. Lacha skirt can be made of different fabrics and materials, finished with a handmade mirror, zari or bead work, ingeniously layered to provide luxury to the attire.

Much like its inspiration, 12 Lacha is incredibly layered leathery/smoke/spice fragrance sweetened by oriental flowers.

If I had to poetically describe the fragrance, it would be like sitting in an exclusive all gentlemen club, where the leather upholstery is cleaned with gingery agent, the air is heavy with tobacco and mixing with the scents of the spice market across the street, while the men are drinking nutmeg liquor and wearing carnation on the lapel.

It is incredibly strong fragrance, one that will win more points by women if it is radiating from a man’s skin, in my humble opinion.

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Lacha Saffron, Warm Nutmeg

Middle Notes: Spicy Carnation, Suede Accord

Bottom Notes: Bois de Santal, Musk, Earthy Patchouli

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