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Wednesday Scent Mood: Cashmere by CLEAN2 min read

11/04/2015 < 1 min read

Wednesday Scent Mood: Cashmere by CLEAN2 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Clean Cashmere is a Fall/Winter unique, subtle scent that doesn’t care too much about not being branded as articulate perfume.

Most of the perfumes that fall under this category have the common thread of heaviness and deepness, and while Cashmere still is a deep, powdery, warm and rich scent, it ravishes in its inconspicuousness.

CLEAN Cashmere lists sparkling bergamot, lime, soothing cedar leaf, and lavendin as the top notes, but what I catch is enthralling mix of bergamot and something minty sweet, like a flashback from a childhood when my favorite smell was licorice.

I tried the perfume on my wrists, and it prompt me to rub them like I was polishing a Rodin sculpture. I just could not get enough of the powdery scent.

The middle notes are typical floral, with jasmine making a statement, and when the drydown stage finally begins, then the snuggly, rich quality of the cashmere reference shows how the perfume got its name.

CLEAN Cashmere radiates a palpable softness and warmth, the one you get when you put on a brand new cashmere sweater.

If you are attracted to fragrances that make their presence known, then this one is not for you. But, if you like fragrances that have snuggle quality, which can cocoon you like a warm pair of socks on frostbitten toes, then this is the perfume that screams your name.

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