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TOCCA Beauty Brand Now Available on Scentbird: Synthesis of Scent & Style3 min read

04/11/2016 3 min read

TOCCA Beauty Brand Now Available on Scentbird: Synthesis of Scent & Style3 min read

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Explore a world of feminine sensibility with TOCCA fine fragrances, now available on Scentbird.

TOCCA, originally established as a fashion line, is bringing something unique into existence with each TOCCA Eau de Parfum they create. TOCCA Beauty Brand is now held in high regard by renowned perfumers and perfume aficionados in the scented world.

Allure as creative impetus


TOCCA’s finest fragrances are inspired by traditional alchemists of perfumery, when the exploration of nature’s scents led to creation of perfumes that became the individual trademark of feminine privilege.

TOCCA Beauty Eau de Parfums express TOCCA Beauty’s main philosophy: Scents, the invisible molecules that create invincible impressions.

Each and every TOCCA fragrance is transfused with delicate sensitivity into precious perfume, which serve as a means of sophistication, seduction and ultimately, empowerment.

From the Italian word for “touch”, TOCCA perfumes touch your skin with grace, appeasing your inner Goddess.

The main motif is old world glamour, the combination of unparalleled scents that combine into feminine and elegant style with a modern twist, nostalgic pieces of artisanal craftsmanship.

TOCCA Beauty Brand on Scentbird

Tocca Scentbird

Currently Scentbird offers three TOCCA fragrances, with the intention of expanding the assortment in the near future:

Cleopatra by Tocca


Inspired by ancient times when beauty rituals were a majestic ceremony that replenished the body and the soul, this perfume is suitable for all women who conquer doubt in the name of love. Just like the most famous female Pharaoh, Cleopatra will hold your heart a prisoner with its mesmerizing fusion of succulent grapefruit and cucumber laid on a floral bed, covered by warm patchouli, golden amber and rich vanilla musk.


Florence by Tocca

TOCCA_Lifestyle_Florence_400x275A symphony of precious and valuable ingredients, Florence showcases the true face of effortlessly chic Parisienne style. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, magnetic attractiveness cannot be ignored. Florence is a lush, fresh, creamy, buttery bouquet of gardenias, sans the heavy powdery vibe, backdropped by lovely juiciness courtesy of the pear notes.



Stella by Tocca

TOCCA_Lifestyle_Stella_400x275Whether you’re an incurable romantic, sensual temptress or confident rebel, you can never have too much self confidence, perfume or shoes, is the motto of Stella woman. Ravishingly sensual with drama queen sensibility, this Tocca Beauty gem is a citrusy sweet, floral olfactory delight.



Explore the fragrant playground

All of these incredible masterpieces of contemporary perfumery can veil your skin with a single click of a mouse. Visit Scentbird and find your fragrant story on one of its pages for just $14.95 per month, with free shipping!


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