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Kenneth Cole, A Brand Fit For An Urban Hero, Now On Scentbird3 min read

04/12/2016 3 min read

Kenneth Cole, A Brand Fit For An Urban Hero, Now On Scentbird3 min read

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Scentbird is extremely proud to announce the Kenneth Cole™ brand as the latest addition to its ever growing portfolio of finest olfactive brands.

Kenneth Cole is an All-American yet globally acknowledged brand that caters to the cosmopolitan spirit of all modern millennials.

Freedom as a form of stylish expression

Born from Kenneth Cole’s need to create the “urban uniform” in which one must look and feel good in order to do good, the name is now a trademark  for sumptuous pieces that amplify the individuality and style of the brand’s customers.

The embodiment of modern and functional, all fragrances bearing Cole’s label are designed to accomplish the undeniable masculine presence and glamorously feminine aura.

The brand’s covetable olfactive collection which fuses allure and performance has the power to transform the way you feel with a single spray.

Kenneth Cole, the founding father of the brand we truly appreciate is widely acknowledged for his dedication to creating items which liberate its wearer.

When you stand in Kenneth Cole shoes, you can stand up for the things you believe in. When you wear a Kenneth Cole fragrance, you become aware of your true abilities.

Kenneth Cole Fragrances, Now Available on Scentbird

Kenneth Cole on Scentbird

Currently Scentbird offers these three fragrances by the popular designer, with the intention of expanding the current assortment in the near future:


Black for Him

Symbolizing the energetic style transformation prompted by city living, Black for Him is a dynamic, masculine and fresh scent. This powerhouse of cologne is abundant with fresh notes, complementing the polished look all trendy men are after. With just the right amount of spice, the fragrance guarantees style and freshness while navigating the tricky corners of the concrete maze called urban living.
Black for Him by Kenneth Cole



The fragrance for jumpstarting the day or ending it on a high note, Mankind is the cologne for super-driven men from all walks of life. This scent is ambition’s fragrant sidekick, celebrating the evolution of body, mind and scent, and their initiation into acknowledged manhood. Created to reflect the need for simplified elegance, the grassy citrus and unpredictable tonka bean will rock everyone’s world.
Mankind by Kenneth Cole


Mankind Hero

Reflecting both the name and the energy it contains, Mankind Hero is the invisible reminder of the true worth of every man: his will to become someone’s hero. Mankind Hero breaks convention and reveals a scent that is not willing to make concessions. It brings the perfect balance between power and elegance, intensity and sophistication. The texture of the fragrance is as smooth as a hero’s heart, with fresh mountain air accords riding smoothly on woodsy and vanilla themed base.

Mankind Hero by Kenneth Cole1

Unleash your inner hero, only with Scentbird

Maybe you cannot change the world for the better right away, but that does not mean you need to forfeit the entire fight. Make small changes every day, and make sure you feel good in order to do good. A fragrance tailored to your needs is the actual superpower of most “ordinary” everyday heros. Find your power at Scentbird, for just $14.95 per month, with free shipping!


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